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Dairy Results



Class 98        


     Aoife McNamara

2nd.     Claire Smith   
3rd.      Manus Murphy.

4th       Conor McNamara.

Class 99         Handler’s Class – Best Handler €100 plus €10 per handler.
1st.      Jack O’Neill.
2nd.     Kevin Smilth.
3rd.      Brian Daly.
4th       Kieran Aherne

Class 101       Pedigree Friesian Heifer Calf, born on or after 1st January 2017,
            to be exhibited by person under 16 years on 1st January 2017.

1st       Sean Murphy
2nd.     Johnny O’Hanlon, RAHELA ARMANI COSMO, HB Number: IE191190522353, Born: 03/01/2017, Holstein, Sire: Mr. Apples Armani - ET, Dam: Leigh Crimson ET.
3rd.      Anne Marie Kelly, ARDSKEAGH AXN ZANDRA, HB Number: 1518484, Born: 03/01/2017, FR, Sire: AXN, Dam: Woodmarsh Lauttority Zandra 2.

4th       Tim Fitzmaurice, LEAGH SOLOMON PIPPA, HB Number: IE191181731072, Born: 02/03/2017, Holstein 100%, Sire: WALNUTLAWN SOLOMON, Dam: LEAGH MASCLESE PLEDGE VG87 2YR,

Class 103       Pedigree Friesian Heifer born between 31st October 2016 and 31st Dec 2016.

1st.      Tom Lynch, LEAGH ATWOOD COSMOPOLITAN, HB Number: 191181761059, Born: 02/11/2016, FR, Sire: Atwood, Dam: ALH Claire ET,
2nd.     John & Gerard Kirby, MOUNTEEN PUNCH NAULA, HB Number: 1142, Born: 20/11/2016, FR, Sire: Punch, Dam: Mounteen Padbury Naula.

3rd.      Joe Boyce, KELBOY PERKS HELENE, Born: 16/11/2017, FR, Sire: Perks, Dam: Kelboy Damion Helene VG89.

4th.      John Curtin, ROSSTEMPLE OUTLAW PIXIE RED, HB Number: 241348891683, Born: 11/11/2016, FR, Sire: Outlaw Red, Dam: Rosstemple Progress Peg RC.

Class 104       Pedigree Friesian Heifer born between 1st July 2016 and 31st October 2016.
1st .     Pat Smith, CAHIRMEE SPICY PEPPER, HB Number: IE151380241026, Born: 03/09/2016, FR, Sire: Pepper, Dam: Cahirmee Epic Spicy.

2nd      John & Nora Walsh

3rd       Peter Kennelly, AKERAGH PARRA DARKIE, Born: 02/09/2016, FR, Sire: Mountbeamish Parra, Dam: Akeragh Rubens Darkie.

4th.      Pat Smith, CAHIRMEE PEPPER PRESENCE, HB Number: IE151380321006, Born: 05/09/2016, FR, Sire: Pepper, Dam: Cahirmee Goldwyn Presence.

Class 105       Pedigree Friesian Heifer born between 1st Jan. 2016 and 30th June 2016.

1st       John & Gerard Kirby, MOUNTEEN STONEWALL HONEY, HB Number: 1091, Born: 04/04/2016, FR, Sire: Stonewall, Dam: Mounteen Man-Friday Honey.

2nd      Daniel Curtin, Listowel Co. Kerry

3rd       John Curtin

4th .     Tom Lynch, EMERALD CENTURION TWINK, HB Number: 241460911802, Born: 02/11/2016, FR, Sire: Centurion, Dam: Emerald Talent Twink.

Class 106       Pedigree Friesian Heifer born before 1st January 2016.

1st.      Bryan O’Connor, WINDFORD DOORMAN ZANDRA 2, HB Number: UK304281402036, Born: 18/08/2015, FR, Sire: Val Bisson Doorman, Dam: Woodmaneh Jordan Zandra Vard.

2nd.     Gordon Kingston, DELLVIEW AUTUMN RUBY, HB Number: 142017570011, Born: 03092015, Holstein Friesian, Sire: Bradnick, Dam: Lisselan Chloe Ruby.

3rd.      Joe Boyce, KELBOY ALLROUND RUBY, Born: 10/12/2015, FR, Sire: Mars Alround, Dam: Kelboy D Ruby Ex.

4th.      Tom Lynch, BALLYELAN SEVEN ROBIN 2451, HB Number: 241476472451, Born: 01/12/2015, FR, Sire: Ardnasalem Seven, Dam: Ballyelan Duplex Robin.

Class 107       JUNIOR CHAMPION
1st. No. 370 - Sean Murphy

2nd No. 322 - Pat Smith

Class 108       Pedigree Jersey Heifer, born on or after 1st January 2017,
            to be exhibited by person under 16 years on 1st January 2017.

1st.      Richard Hancock, ELITESTREET SUCCESS ROXY 2, HB Number: IE141969530025, Born: 05/05/2017, Jersey, Sire: Butlercrest Success, Dam: Abbotsley Tequila Roxy.
Class 109       Pedigree Jersey Heifer, born between 31st Jan. 2016 and 30th June 2016,
            to be exhibited by person under 16 years on 1st January 2017.
1st.      Richard Hancock, ELITESTREET SUCCESS ROXY, HB Number: IE141969590022, Born: 10/05/2017, Jersey, Sire: Butlercrest Success, Dam: Abbotsley Tequila Roxy.

2nd.     Tom Lynch, BALLYEALAN TEQUILLA LOUISE, HB Number: 241470472550, Born: 06/03/2017, FR, Sire: Tequilla, Dam: Ballyelan Excitation Louise.

3rd.      Timothy Leahy, BEECHROW EXCITATION RUMOUR, Born: 01/09/2016, JE, Sire: Bridan Excitation, Dam: Rapid-bay Jades Rumour.

4th.      J.M. & N. Collins, TURLOUGH MEL TURTLE, Born: 23/06/2016, JE.

Class 110       Pedigree Jersey Heifer in milk.
1st.      Patrick Aherne, MOORSHILL PWI NIKKI, HB Number: 141902221103, Born: 14/02/2015, JE, Sire: PWI, Dam: Moorshill Nikki.

2nd.     Patrick Aherne, MOORSHILL STARBUCK MAMIE, HB Number: 141902241152, Born: 11/03/2015, JE, Sire: Starbuck, Dam: Future Dreams Mamie.

3rd.      Timothy Leahy, RAPID-BAY UK RB LETS DANCE, Born: 01/09/2014, JE, Sire: Rapid-bay Rare Boy, Dam: Rapid-bay Jacks LETS DANCE.

Class 111       Pedigree Jersey Cow with 2 calves or more.
1st.      Richard Hancock, ABBOTSLEY TEQUILA ROXY, HB Number: UK167422500731, Born: 16/01/2014, Jersey, Sire: Tower Vne Prime Tequila, Dam: Born Roxy.

2nd      J.M. & N. Collins, TURLOUGH MEL MOS DAISY EX 90TE, Born: 30/04/2017, JE.

3rd.      Patrick Aherne, MOORSHILL ON-TIME EVE, HB Number: 141902210878, Born: 12/02/2012, JE, Sire: On-Time, Dam: Moorshill Eve.

4th.      Patrick Aherne, MOORSHILL GOLD FAY, HB Number: 141902230995, Born: 10/03/2013, JE, Sire: Clandelboye Gold, Dam: Moorshill Fay.

Class 112       Pedigree Friesian Heifer, in milk.

1st.      Johnny Leahy, DELLVIEW SNOW ANGEL, HB Number: IE142017560010, Born: 15/01/2015, Ireland, Sire: Larcrest Cancun, Dam: Dellview Holly Angel.

2nd.     R & S Helen, CLONPADDIN FAME ET, HB Number: 381085591867, Born: 25/01/2015, FR, Sire: Brokaw, Dam: Cradenhill Linset Famr.

3rd.      Donal Neville, EMERALD DEMAN PAPOOSE, HB Number: IE241460941609, Born: 06/01/2017, FR, Sire: Edg Deman, Dam: Sterndale Shottle Papoose.

4th.      Michael & Liz McNamara, WOODMARSH DEDUCTIVE PAM, HB Number: UK 305947602780, Born: 01/10/2014, FR, Sire: Claynook Dedvetice, Dam: Woodmarsh Talent Pam. 

1st.      Brian Hayes, ROCCA-DG W BRITT-ET, HB Number: BE528079834, Born: 24/10/2011, Holstein, Sire: Gilette Winbrook, Dam: Vendairy Breesh.

2nd.     Jim & Doireann Mulhall, CLONPADDIN M CYG FAME ET, Born: 02/09/2013, Holstein Friesian, Sire: Mr. Chassity Goldchip, Dam: Cradenhill Linjet Fame.
 3rd.     Timmy & John Kirby, SMEARLAVIEW ACE VIXAN 2, HB Number: IE191152930916, Born: 09/08/2013, FR, Sire: Hallow Brace, Dam: Smearlaview Forbid Vixan.

4th.      Michael McGrath, ROBINVIEW ARES ROXY VG89, HB Number: IE151795623057, Born: 14/04/2013, FR, Sire: Shot Ares, Dam: Robinview Roxy33 EX91.

Class 114       Pedigree Friesian Cow, having calved 3 times.
1st       Thomas Gerard Storan, LISKINETT WINDROCK JACILA 5 ET, HB Number: 241414651483, Born: 01/10/2012, FR, Sire: Gillette Windbrook, Dam: Jacobs Goldwyn Jalila.

2nd.     Noel Murphy, BALLYELAN SHOTTLE DELLIA EX92, HB Number: IE241476411745, Born: 10/10/2011, FR, Sire: Shottle, Dam: Ballyelan Pronto Dellis EX90.

3rd.      R & S Helen, EEDY DESTRY ACCLAIM, HB Number: 141360910930, Born: 24/04/2012, FR, Sire: Destry, Dam: Eedy Cix Acclaim Ex95.

4th.      Donal Neville, HALLOW ATWOOD TWIZZLE, HB Number: IE371420920926, Born: 13/09/2011, FR, Sire: Maple Downs Gatwood, Dam: Hallow Advert Twizzle 3.

Class 115       Maverick Pedigree Friesian Senior Cow, in milk, having calved 4 times or more.
1st.      Bryan O’Connor, GRASSVALE SHOTTLE JANE EX, HB Number: 291132731066, Born: 23/01/2011, FR, Sire: Picston Shottle, Dam: Grassvale Robyn Jane Ex.

2nd                   Clody O’ Connor

3rd.      Margaret Laffan, BALLYTHOMAS DUNDEE ARIEL, HB Number: IE331083841121, Born: 22/01/2011, FR, Sire: Dundee, Dam: Karowa Mason Ariel.

Class 117       Best Exhibitor Bred Animal.

1st       John Curtin

2nd       Bryan O’ Connor

3rd       Noel & Michelle Murphy

4th       Margaret La Fran

CHAMPION : Bryan Hayes


HONOURY MENTION: Jim & Doireen Mulhall