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  1. All exhibits must be in the Show Grounds before 10.00am on Show mornings.
  2. The judges may withhold a Prize in any Class where, in their opinion, sufficient merit does not exist.
  3. The decision of the Judges shall be final in all cases, and there shall be no Appeal therefrom.
  4. Objections must be lodged with the Secretary before 6.00pm on the evening of the Show, and in all Sections it must be accompanied by a deposit of €50, which will be forfeited if the objection is not upheld.
    Should an objection be made to any successful animal on the score of age the Veterinary Surgeon appointed by the Committee shall be called in and his decision will be final. The following is the state of dentition of Cattle, which will be considered as indicating that they exceed the age:
     ~ Cattle having their central permanent incisors cut will be considered as exceeding one year and nine months.
     ~ Cattle having their central permanent incisors fully up will be considered as exceeding one year and nine months.
     ~ Cattle having their second pair of permanent incisors fully up will be considered as exceeding two years and three months.
     ~ Cattle having their fourth pair of (corner) permanent incisors fully up and their anterior molars showing signs of wear will be considered as exceeding three years.
  5. The age of all Horses competing will be calculated from the 1st of January.
  6. Objections will be considered at subsequent meetings of the Committee.
  7. For times of Judging refer to the different sections in the schedule of competitions
  8. Intending Competitors in Jumping must be on the Course half an hour prior to Competition.
  10. Entries for Horse Jumping Contests taken up to 12 noon on Show Day.
  11. Exhibitors are hereby notified that Exhibits will be required to remain in Show Grounds until 5.00pm on the day of Show. Violation of this Rule incurs forfeiture of Prizes. Exhibitors who are not prepared to accept this condition should not enter.
  12. The Committee reserve the right to refuse entries, varying Prize List or Arrangements, or removing any Animal or other Exhibit at any time during the Show, and shall not be in any way liable for any claim for compensation or otherwise arising out of the holding, abandonment, or alteration of the date of the Show, nor for any claims arising out of, or connected with, the Show.
  13. Exhibitors are to understand that, although every reasonable precaution will be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of the animals and all other Exhibits, the Society will not be responsible for loss or accident of any kind that may occur. Neither will the Society be accountable for any accident that may occur to any persons attending Show, whether as a visitor, Exhibitor or otherwise.
  14. All Exhibits at the time of entry must be the bona-fide property of the person in whose name the entry is made.
  15. An affidavit may be required as to the age or ownership of any animal entered.
  16. The Veterinary examination of all Horses (except Horses competing for Jumping Competitions) selected for prizes or Recommendations shall be compulsory.
  17. If any person in charge of an animal be absent at the time of adjudication the animal will be liable to be excluded from Competition and entrance fee forfeited.
  18. No person, except the Stewards of the Class, shall enter the space enclosed or set apart for adjudication, or hold any communication with the Judge or examining Veterinary Surgeon, without the permission of the Stewards of the Class, and the Stewards of each Class and Section are particularly requested to prevent any Exhibitor or other person from addressing the Judge or Veterinary Surgeon while engaged in their respective duties. Any Exhibitor who enters the space in which the adjudicator is proceeding may be disqualified from receiving a Prize.
  19. Any Steward (if Exhibitor) who enters the space in which the adjudication is proceeding while his animal/exhibit is being judged, may be disqualified from receiving a Prize.
  20. If a Judge considers any animal over age, the Stewards in the Class may instruct the Veterinary Surgeon to examine the animal.
  21. The Show Committee shall have power to disqualify from Exhibition any Sheep, which is considered to be coloured other than by the use of ordinary non-bloom dips free of added colouring water.
  22. No refund of entry money once entries have been cataloged.
  23. No Class will be formed unless there are at least 3 entries from 3 different Exhibitors.
  24. Beef Classes in Pens will not be judged without numbers.
  25. In the Pedigree Friesian Classes please note full name of animal. Herd book number and date of birth must be given to qualify for the Irish Friesian Award.
  26. I.S.A. Levy of 5% to be deducted from Prize Money of Horses, Cattle and Sheep Showing Classes.
  28. Tattoo and Pedigree of all animals must appear in the Catalogue.
  29. Prior to entry to the site all trade stands must produce a current public liability insurance policy document showing a minimum limit of indemnity of €1,000,000 with cover extended to provide an indemnity to the Irish Shows Association Ltd., Charleville Agricultural Show Society Limited and Charleville Agricultural Show Society Limited Committee.
  30. Exhibitors erecting Gazebos are responsible for their secure erection and stability at all times.
  31. Horse riding is a dangerous sport and all competitors in Ridden Classes are strongly advised, for their own safety, to wear appropriate head gear which complies with up to date safety standards.
  32. Data Protection Legislation requires us to advise you that by entering a class you are agreeing to have details of the exhibitor/exhibits published.



  1. WINNERS OF CUPS in 2024 must give an undertaking to the Committee that the Cups will be delivered up to the Secretary at least ten days previous to the date of the succeeding Show, and in as good a condition as they were received.
  2. The Committee reserves the right to alter conditions of Competition for the Cups in future Shows, or to withhold the Cups if the Judges do not find sufficient merit in the Competition.
  3. Cups must be returned to Donor if Competition therefore lapses.



The Irish Shows Association would advise all animal owners who have their animals insured to have the insurance cover extended to cover them while showing animals at shows. We understand that it costs very little or nothing at all depending on who you have insurance cover with. The reason for us giving you this advice is that if your animal were to lash out and injure someone or damage someone’s property, and it is established that your animal was out of your control at that time, you may be held responsible or partly responsible for any injury or damage caused and end up paying all or part of any settlement reached.



The Irish Shows Association expects and will insist upon appropriate behaviour from all Exhibitors and others participating in any of the activities at our Member Shows and will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour. Inappropriate behaviour shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • Profanity, coarse or vulgar language or gestures towards judges or other Show officials.
  • Harassment or bullying, including using words or actions that threaten, intimidate or undermine judges or other officials before, during or following Member Show activities.
  • Failure to follow rules and/or obey instructions.
  • Abusing any animal.


  • Obey instructions of Stewards and Safety Officers in the Showgrounds.
  • Members of the public are requested to take reasonable precautions to avoid accidents.
  • Speed limits within the grounds must be obeyed.
  • All safety signs within the grounds must be obeyed.
  • All cattle must be unloaded in unloading bay.
  • All animals being exhibited must be under proper control at all times.
  • Members of the public must not enter show jumping arenas, judging rings or unloading bays for animals.
  • Trade Exhibitors must have Safety Statements.
  • All accidents must be reported immediately to the Safety Officer.

Your co-operation will make the Show a safer and more enjoyable event for all patrons.#


Premises Registration

As from 1 May 2012, any premises (which includes shows, fairs and markets) where horses or other equines are gathered must be registered with the Department.  Owners/persons in charge of such gatherings are required to submit a completed application form for registration and to keep records of movements on/off their premises.

Records must be retained for at least 3 years as they may be required by the Department for the purposes of tracing disease. Records required are

  • The name and address of the owner/person in charge of the premises from which the equine came
  • The premises registration number from which the equine came and
  • Passport number/UELN number of the animal

It is important therefore that Show organisers should contact their local Regional Veterinary Office in advance so that consideration can be given to compliance with the requirements outlined above.

Equine Identification

All Equines (which include horses, ponies and donkeys) must be identified in accordance with EU and national legislation.

  • It is an offence to be in possession of an equine that is not properly identified. 
  • Equine passports must be issued by approved Passport Issuing Organisations [PIOs] not later than 12 months from the date of birth of the animal and, in any event before the equine leaves the establishment of birth for a period exceeding 30 days, except in limited circumstances.  The passport is valid for the lifetime of the animal.  A list of the PIOs approved by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine is set out in Appendix 5.
  • Microchip - all equines issued with a passport after 1st July 2009 must have a corresponding microchip implanted by a veterinarian, the details of which are recorded in the passport and in the central equine database, thereby creating a link between the passport and the animal.

In respect of each equine in their care, a keeper must ensure that

  • the equine is registered with an approved PIO;
  • the animal’s passport is issued in accordance with EU and national legislation;
  • they are in compliance with the provisions of the legislation whereby the passport issued in respect of the equine must accompany the animal whenever it is moved to events such as shows, sales and to slaughter plants, etc.


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