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EQ106: INTERMEDIATE SIDE SADDLE, RDS QUALIFIER, Mare or gelding, 5 years old or over, 148cm or over but not exceeding 158cm.

EQUESTRIAN ➤ HORSES - SUN 30TH JUNE 2024 ➤ RING 5 - RIDING HORSES, SUN 30th JUNE, 2024 FROM 10AM ➤ SIDE SADDLE Sat 29th Jun 2024 - Sun 30th Jun 2024

Please do not enter RDS qualifier if you have already qualified for the RDS at a previous qualifier, as it could inadvertently block someone else’s chance of qualifying for Dublin. Qualifying places do not pass down along the line. Please enter the separate ladies side saddle class (class 107) in this case to get your practice in and to gain your points towards the Side Saddle Ireland league.

RDS Intermediate Side-Saddle Class:

Open to MARES or GELDINGS, 5 years old or over. 148cms or over but not exceeding 158cms.

To be ridden side-saddle by riders who have attained their 14th birthday by 1 January 2024.

Aim: To promote, present and preserve the art of side-saddle riding.

Rules: The rider’s ability and turnout, and the way of going, manners, conformation and movement of the horse will be considered as part of the adjudication.

Horse and rider combinations entered in the Intermediate Side-Saddle are not eligible to compete in the Ladies’ Side-Saddle qualifiers for the Dublin Horse Show.

Exhibits in the Intermediate Side-Saddle must have a current and valid height measurement under the Show Jumping Ireland / Irish Pony Society Measurement Scheme in order to be eligible to compete in the Dublin Horse Show and its qualifiers.

Qualification: The top three pony/horse and rider combinations at in this qualifier will be eligible to enter and compete at the 2024 Dublin Horse Show.

Affilated to the Side Saddle Ireland League - A Side Saddle Ireland rosette will be presented to the 4 highest placed members in the class. A Best Rider rosette will be presented to the ‘Best Rider’ among those members. A ‘Best Turned Out’ rosette sponsored by Carr & Day & Martin will be awarded to the best turned out member combination in the class. Members may gain points towards our new National Side Saddle Championship League by competing in this class- please see for the league rules. Affiliated to Side Saddle Ireland.





EQUESTRIAN - Opening Notes

Please note entries close on Thurs 20th June. All entries after this incur €10 extra per entry. Entry cut-off 24th June 10am. No late entries accepted after this.

Entry Fee:  
Prizes:   1st - Rosette , 2nd - Rosette , 3rd - Rosette
Class is currently closed for entry.