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  • Fee must accompany the fully completed application form (VAT Number must also be included) and be returned before the closing date of 14th June 2022.   The Committee will only reserve space for stands on receipt of completed application form, and relevant Certificates and fee.
  • Fireworks, pellet guns, bangers, games, gaming machines, balloons, bubbles, stink bombs and spray paint are not to be sold on stands.  Trade Stands found to be selling these products will be removed from the showgrounds.
  • Please allow enough area for your Trade Stand, not forgetting the hitch on your trailer.  Due to the number of stands extra space will not be available on show day.  Trade Stands must remain in their allocated space and stand owners, or their agents are not permitted to move stands without the consent of the Show Committee.  If, however, it is found that a Trade Stand is encroaching on a neighbouring Trade Stand’s site, they will then be moved to an area reserved for this purpose. 
  • If a Trade Stand does not correspond with the description given, the Committee reserve the right to remove that Trade Stand from the show field.
  • All trade stands should be in place by 9pm on the evening before the show as no vehicle access will be allowed in the Trade Stand area of the showgrounds after 10pm on Saturday.   No Trade Stand may leave the Showgrounds before 6pm on Sunday.  (Vehicles will not have access to the grounds before this time)
  • If you are selling food at the show, you will be required to be Health Service Executive registered.  
  • No mass distribution of flyers.
  • No parking is allowed on the showgrounds unless within your designated stand area. All other vehicles must be unloaded and quickly removed to the adjacent parking provided for Trade Stand.
  • Insurance Indemnity must be on insurance company headed paper or have insurance company stamp impressed thereon; 
  • We (name of insurance company) confirm that the enclosed policy number provides an indemnity to Charleville Agricultural Show Society Limited, to the Irish Shows Association CLG and to the site owners.  The indemnity provided is in respect of the use of their property by (name of Trader/Business) for the purpose of setting up, operating and removing a Trade Stand at the 2022 Charleville Agricultural Show.  The show days are Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June, 2022.  Cover is subject to Charleville Agricultural Show Society policy terms, conditions and exceptions.
    All sub-contractors, electrical and gas for example, must also submit their Insurance, and “Pat” test or engineers report.
  • Stand owners/agents must clean up their areas before leaving the showgrounds.
  • Bins will be provided on the day.
  • Trade Stand sites will be inspected at the end of each day and photographs taken of offending sites with a view to restricting access to the show for the following year.
  • Please follow any instructions from the stewards on the day of the show.