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CA59: Simmental female, born 1st September, 2021 to 31st August, 2023

CATTLE ➤ BEEF CLASSES - SAT 29th June ➤ SIMMENTAL SECTION Sat 29th Jun 2024 - Sun 30th Jun 2024
Sponsored by
AIB Charleville
AIB Charleville
Bank of Ireland, Charleville
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Dawn Group
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Golden Vale Marts, Kilmallock
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ICMSA, Limerick
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Irish Angus Cattle Society
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Kerry Agri Business, Charleville
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Mallow Credit Union, Charleville Branch
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CATTLE - Opening Notes

Charleville Agricultural Show: Herd No. S974

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Animal Health Status

TB - Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication Scheme

All animals must come from herds, which are Officially TB free (OTF - i.e., not restricted) and the herd and relevant animals must have had a clear test within the previous 12 months – this test must be recorded on the Department’s Animal Health Computer System (AHCS).  In general, apart from cows of all ages and males over the age of 36 months (see next paragraph), no pre-movement test is required for TB.  However, it is recommended by the Department that a 30-day pre-movement test for TB should apply to all Shows.  Animals which have disclosed inconclusive reactor results are not permitted to be moved for the purpose of exhibition at shows. 

From the 1 February 2023, cows of all ages and males over the age of 36 months that move from a show to a different herd must either have been tested in the previous 30 days or the animal and the herd presenting it to the show must have been tested in the previous six months prior to movement.  If a cow of any age, or a male over the age of 36 months, moves from a show to a different herd and does not meet the above criteria then a TB test must be carried out on the animal concerned within 30 days of its movement into the new herd.  If after 30 days, the animal has not been tested, the herd into which it has moved will be restricted and if, after a further 60 days the animal has still not been tested then the entire herd will be listed for a TB test.  For further information see new bovine TB testing requirements for animal movements on

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD)

All bovine animals must have a negative BVD status for BVD virus (not antibody) when moving, including to shows, within the state.  Animals entering the state, including Northern Ireland, must have a valid E.U. Health Certificate.

Identification, Registration, Movement Inspections 

The restriction of a holding for noncompliance with IDR related issues will also impact movement of bovine to a show for the period of the restriction.           

Bovine Identification & Mandatory Electronic Identification of bovines (EID)

Mandatory electronic identification (EID) of bovines has been implemented with effect from 1st July 2022.  This means that all bovine animals born on or after 1st July 2022 must be identified with 2 official flag tags, one of which contains an EID component. All bovines born prior to 1st July 2022 must continue to bear 2 official flag tags as heretofore.  There is no mandatory requirement that bovines in this age category bear an official EID tag. 


All bovines attending shows must be accompanied by their passports.

Animal Identification and Movement (AIM) Notification

  1. The movement of cattle to and from an Agricultural Show/Fair within the State must be recorded on the AIM System.
  2. With effect from 4 February 2019 there is a specific Certificates of Compliance for the “Movement of Bovine from a Single Holding to a Show”, form NBAS 31K refers.
  3. The herd keeper must obtain the Certificate of Compliance prior to the movement of animals.  The certificate can be created by (i) using herd keepers’ on-line facility or (ii) where the keeper is not on-line the certificate can be generated by the local Regional Veterinary Office (RVO) following receipt of a completed form NBAS 31K.
  4. The creation of a certificate is subject to normal movement criteria such as clear TB test etc. 
  5. A copy of form NBAS 31K is included at Appendix 2 and will also be available on
  6. When applying for this certificate, the Show/Fair number is not required. The certificate generated will include an “S” symbol.
  7. The Certificate of Compliance for a show will continue to be valid for a period of up to 30 days.  As is currently the case, these can be used for the movement of animal/s to several shows during the validity period of the certificate.  Requests to the RVO should be provided with sufficient time to allow for the certificate to be generated and issued especially where one cert expires, and another is required immediately.  Keepers who are likely to attend at consecutive shows are strongly advised to apply using herd keepers’ on-line facility.  The ability to create and print a certificate immediately (subject to the bovine meeting the relevant criteria) will remove issues which can arise where a certificate is already in place and a further certificate is required.
  8. Calves which are less than 10 days old cannot be moved to a Show.
  9. The Movement Notification Section of the Certificate should be completed and signed by the keeper.  The form should also be signed and stamped by the Show Secretary who must clearly indicate the Show Number.  The Show movement must be recorded on the passport.  Ultimate responsibility for fulfilling these requirements lies with the Show Secretary.
  10. If the animal/s move from the show to a herd other than the source herd, the new destination herd must also sign the certificate.
  11. Completed forms must be sent by the Show Secretary to the local RVO within seven days of the Show. Failure to have movements recorded within the required time scale may have implications for the herd keeper/s involved.

Cattle being Moved from Northern Ireland for an Agricultural Show 

Movements from Northern Ireland (NI)

It is very important that any proposal to move cattle to a show, including from NI, is made known to the local RVO well in advance so that consideration can be given to compliance with the requirements outlined below.


The show premises at which the cattle will reside for the duration of their stay must be an assembly centre approved for Intra Trade (movements to other Member States) or of such a standard as being capable of being approved for such a purpose temporarily.  A fundamental requirement for such premises is that they have surfaces that are capable of being cleaned and disinfected and have adequate cleaning and disinfection facilities.  Adequate segregation facilities may be required also (see under “Status of Animals” below).

Status of Bovine Animals moved from Northern Ireland for a Show

Cattle from NI being moved to a show must be certified in accordance with the normal animal health requirements for intra-community trade in breeding animals including having passed a TB test (INTRA TRADE interpretation) during the 30 days prior to movement. 

To comply with eligibility requirements for return to Northern Ireland after the show

Cattle cannot mix with any cattle of a lesser health status while at the show.

This can be achieved in one of two ways:

  1. either the moved animals are kept segregated fully from other cattle at the show which have not been tested, or
  2. all cattle attending the show must have been TB tested (Intra Trade interpretation) within 30 days.

Documentation Required

  1. Cattle moved to a show from NI must be accompanied by an original breeding Intra-Trade Animal Health Certificate (ITAHC) and a passport for each animal.
  2. A TRACES message, corresponding with the TRACES certificate, will be sent for each animal or consignment being dispatched to the show (this will be performed by officials in the dispatching country).
  3. For the return journey, this original certificate must be endorsed by the signature of the official veterinarian of the Department at the show, together with the official stamp of the competent authority and date of endorsement.
  4. A TRACES message will be sent for the return journey also (this will be performed by Department officials attending the show).
  5. In addition, a non-comminglement certificate must be issued by the official veterinarian for the show at or before return, stating that the animal shows no clinical signs of disease and has not been in contact, during its stay at the show/event, with animals of a lesser health status.  The passport must accompany the animal on the return journey also.
  6. CMMS 5 - In such cases and in addition to the above the keeper of the animals in conjunction with the Show Secretary must also ensure that a CMMS 5 document is completed and returned to the Animal Identification and Movement Division, Backweston Administration Building, Stacumny Lane, Celbridge, Co Kildare, W23 X3PH detailing those animals moved to take part in the Show.  The keeper of the moved animal/s is required to sign the form when the animal arrives at the Show and provide their herd number.  Following the show, the official veterinarian should complete the bottom portion of the CMMS 5 form also confirming that he has stamped the official Health Certificate and that he has issued a Non-Comminglement Certificate.
  7. A copy of the CMMS 5 form is attached at Appendix 2 and will also be available on the Departments website/from the local RVO.
  8. The secretary/keeper should retain a photocopy of the form if required.

Requirement in Respect of Cattle being:

  1. Moved to Northern Ireland for an Agricultural Show (and returned) and
  1. Consideration regarding movement of cattle to an agricultural show within the EU other than NI 
  1. Movement to Northern Ireland
  1. Cattle moving from Ireland to a Show in NI must be recorded on the Departments AIM database.
  2. When the ITAHC is being issued by the local RVO, they will arrange to have the outward movement for the animal(s) recorded onto AIM.  All cattle must be accompanied by an official TRACES ITAHC for bovine animals (BOV-X).
  3. A TRACES message, corresponding with the ITAHC, will be sent for each animal or consignment being dispatched to the show (this will be performed by Department officials in the RVO).

Cattle for Breeding and Production

Valid identity card/passport - all animals

Negative TB test (Intra Trade interpretation) - all animals aged over 42 days within 30 days prior to movement

               Regarding BVD, keepers will need to satisfy the RVO that

  1. the proposed show will not accept animals from herds that have contained animals Persistently Infected (P.I.) with BVD within the past 18 months.
  2. all animals at the show will come from herds where every animal has either a direct or indirect negative BVD test.
  1. An official certificate of non-comminglement should be issued by the veterinarian at the show, at or before the time of return.
  2. All animals should be isolated for at least 14 days on their return to the herd of origin.  The herd keeper should make arrangements with the RVO to have the animal/s sampled for BVD antibody and antigen before mixing with the rest of the herd.
  3. Keepers should be aware that if the results of these tests indicate that the animal/s pose a risk to the National eradication programme, an epidemiological investigation may be triggered.

Note – Normal movement rules including the 30-day residency rule will apply.

B.        Movement of Cattle to an Agricultural Show within the EU other than to Northern Ireland

Agreement for the movement and immediate return of cattle to a show in another country within the EU or vice versa currently applies for movements between Ireland and NI onlyRequests for cattle from Ireland to attend shows in countries other than NI will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Before the movement of cattle from Ireland to a Show in parts of the EU other than to NI takes place, it is imperative to establish that the Competent Authority of the destination country has agreed to put in place the same system for the processing of the documentation as applies to movements to NI.  Therefore, exhibitors who wish to show cattle at an EU Show other than in NI should contact the local RVO at least one month prior to the show.

Where the movement of cattle from Ireland is agreed with the destination country, the movement of such cattle must be recorded on AIM.  When the official ITAHC for bovine animals is being issued by the local RVO, they will arrange to have the outward movement of the animal(s) recorded onto AIM.

Process to be followed to ensure that a record is generated to record the return of cattle from a Show to the Home Farm from:

  • Northern Ireland and/or
  • A location within the EU other than to Northern Ireland where applicable/approved in line with the above (additional to those noted below may also be requested where approved).

 Documentation required.

Following the show, the following must be provided:

  1. The Intra Trade Animal Health Certificate (ITAHC) that accompanied the animal from Northern Ireland must be endorsed and stamped by the official veterinarian at the show (a new ITAHC may need to be generated to accompany the animals if they are returning to a location other than Northern Ireland)
  2. A Non-Comminglement Certificate
  3. CMMS 6 form: When the animal returns to the home farm, the keeper presents these Certificates to the RVO along with a completed CMMS 6 form stating that the animal has returned from the show.  A copy of the CMMS 6 form is attached at Appendix 4 and will also be available on the Departments website/from the local RVO.  The show secretary/keeper should retain a photocopy of the form if required.  The RVO can then record the return movement back to the keeper’s holding on the AIM system. 

**** Irish Shows Association Notice ****

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Certificate of Compliance Requirements

On the day of the Show, the Certificate of Compliance should be presented to the Show Secretary.

The keeper and the Show Secretary will then sign the Movement.

Notification section of the Certificate which will then Must be sent to the local RVO for recording onto the AIM system.

Important Notice

The Charleville Show Committee, acting by itself or through its Agents/Officers, reserves the right to reject or cancel any entry or entries made by or on behalf of any person, corporate or other entity and may direct the removal of any animal or other exhibit from the showing ring or display area and/or from the Showgrounds, if the Committee and/or its Agents/Officers shall deem it fit to do so, without offering any explanation or reason for so doing and without incurring any liability whatsoever to any such Applicant/Exhibitor or his/her/its Agent.

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

It is vitally important that all Show Secretaries comply with the rule & make sure to send back the Certificate of Compliance to your Local RVO Office within Seven Days of your Show taking place as failure to do so is causing untold problems to exhibitors.

After submissions from affiliated Shows on Judging of Calves & the need judged them by weight rather than by age at Shows The Irish Shows Association Cattle Sub Committee have put forward the following recommendation on use of live weight for calf classes e.g. Calves under 12 months not to exceed 460 kg (Autumn born calves and Calves under 6 months) it recommends that the weight should not exceed 320kg)

Another suggestion is to use no more than 1.7kg live weight gain per day from the birth date to the show date.

New Rule for Exhibitors

If a qualified exhibitor does not turn up to an ISA final without giving prior notice to the ISA office or to a board member he or she will incur a financial penalty

BEEF CLASSES - SAT 29th June - Opening Notes

Beef Classes are kindly sponsored by Kerry Agri Charleville; Dawn Meats, Ballyhea; FBD Insurance, Mallow; Golden Vale Marts, Kilmallock; Southern Milling and Paul & Vincent, Kilmallock; Mallow Credit Union, Charleville Branch; ICMSA; AIB Bank, Charleville; Roches Feeds, Limerick; Byrnes and Dillon Oil, Charleville;  Bank of Ireland, Charleville.

All Rings start at 10.00am





Show Herd No. S974


Organised by Carbery Show Society CLG, Skibbereen.

The Championship is for Beef Bulls (i.e. Charolais, Limousin, Blonde D’Aquitane, Simmental, Hereford, Angus, Belgian Blue and other Beef Breeds) over 1 year old on May 1st 2023.

The first prizewinner in each beef bull competition qualifies at each show to go forward to the final at Carbery Show on Thursday 20th July, 2023

PRIZEMONEY IS AS FOLLOWS: 1st - €400, 2nd - €200, 3rd - €100, 4th  -  €65, 5th -  €40. €30 to all other finalists.

The Society wishes to thank the Sponsors for making this Championship possible.

Entry Fee:  
Prizes:   1st - €100.00 , 2nd - €75.00 , 3rd - €50.00
Class is currently closed for entry.